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Welcome To
The Easy Way Show!

I have many videos coming!
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Also, please be kind;
I did this all by myself and it has been getting better every day!

Welcome To
The Easy Way Show!


Super-Busy! Lots Coming Guys!

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First, I should probably state that I am not affiliated in any way with Marc Allen. I am just using a teaching I learned from his book (and most likely infringing on his Type Z Easy Way copyright). I doubt that he knows that he is a weight loss guru.

This site is for INFORMATIONAL purposes only.  I am losing weight using a diet plan that I developed for me.  This is not a diet center plan.  This is not a weight loss clinic plan.  This is a plan I developed through my own research and received the approval of my doctor for me.  I simply use a meal-replacement shake that weight loss clinics sell.  I do not follow a plan from a weight loss clinic.  I encourage you to do your own research and prepare your plan with your doctor.

Secondly, let me state that I am not writing, nor do I have any intentions on writing weight loss books or any books of any kind. I am not now, nor ever will, write a book based on the inspirational teachers I mention in my videos.  I have no affiliation with any Youtubers who have done so.  I am not selling any ebooks, diet books, self-help books, nothing. I am not a teacher, nor do I want to be. Teaching people is a headache... err... calling! That is why I direct you to the teachers' websites themselves. These teachers do not need a middleman to deliver their message. I am not saying anything against people on Youtube who have written such books, I just don't want you to get it twisted that I am doing that.  I would never disrespect these teachers by doing anything like that. I just want you to get their books and improve your life.

Finally, let me stress again that I am not a doctor.  I am not a dietitian.  I am a weird, loud, colorful character who uploads 5-minute videos on Youtube.  Nothing within this website or in any of my videos is intended as a substitution for medical advice.

Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved. Nothing on this website may be reproduced without permission.

The concept of "Success With Ease" and teachings of "The Type Z Guide To Success" are from Marc Allen. No copyright infringement intended. Visit
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